Re-Housing: Flipping the Approach Yields Results


In the past, the typical path for families facing homelessness would involve stabilizing their situations and then working to find permanent shelter.  With PLMFT’s Re-Housing Support program, finding a place to live is the first order of business. Studies show that having families move from shelter program to shelter program in today’s times is not enough for family stabilization. Housing first reduces the number of transitions for the family, which is a nationally-recognized best practice. Initial rental subsidy is available for housing and gradually decreases as families meet their goals.  And it’s working. In the past year, PLMFT has been able to move 57 families into stable housing through our new Re-Housing and our Short-Term Housing programs. In addition, statistics going back a little farther show that a very promising 83% of families working through our programs remain in stable housing for at least 12 months.

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