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From Homelessness to College & Two Jobs


Determination is paying off for James Barnes and his family (wife Jessica and four children).  They came into the PLM Families Together program in 2011.  We’d be lying if we said everything went smoothly for the Barnes family.  They worked hard while in our program, but for James, securing full-time employment was a struggle.  While Jessica was able to find a retail job, James took any job he could find and never gave up.  They saved twice as much as the average family in their escrow account, even with sporadic income.  And they continue to be committed to the discipline of saving that they started in the program . . .

Fast-forward to 2013:  The doorbell rings at our office and it’s James, stopping by (as he does once in a while), to drop off his new business cards.  On top of a full-time job, he is building a lawn service business and is eager to tell us about his success.  He shows us his new Facebook Page complete with pictures of beautiful lawns.  He tells us about their home in Clayton, and he talks about how close he is to finishing a college degree in Medical Facilities Management. We wonder if he ever sleeps.  (His reply: “No!”)

Says James, “We still have a long way to go to reach our long term goals but we continue to utilize the knowledge tools we learned at PLMFT. We look forward to keeping you all abreast of our ever-changing lives and upward progress. Hopefully our story can be an inspiration to someone somewhere that with prayer and faith God will put people in your life to help you move mountains!”


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