Eye On the Goal


In the midst of all the hooplah surrounding our recent award of an office makeover from Storr Office Environments, we would like to say how much we appreciate not only the generosity of corporate partners like Storr, but also the generosity of individual supporters giving to our Annual Campaign. Together, you make it possible to change tomorrow for families struggling to make ends meet, to get their children to school on time, to stay employed, to make dinner and manage homework . . . without a home.


Your contributions to our Annual Campaign directly impact children like Kendra, who go to school distracted, tired, and hungry after sleepless nights and constant moving.  It is hard to explain how excited and thankful we are for this office makeover awarded to PLM Families Together by Storr Office Environments (see www.storr100.com). We eagerly anticipate having a more efficient and productive space — one that will allow us to provide a safe and supportive environment for families in our program. Through this abundant gift, we are humbled and reminded of our core mission.and of the deep need among so many families in our community.


Thank you Storr. And thank you to the volunteers who are reaching out to grow our base of supporters. And, thank you to each person who gives any amount. You are changing lives, making a difference, changing tomorrow! 

                      ~ Beth Bordeaux, Executive Director of PLM Families Together ~

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