“Why Give?”


Our Annual Campaign, “Change a Family’s Tomorrow,” launched on March 2nd.  

This year’s focus is on children and the impact that homelessness has on them.  Here are a few facts about children experiencing homelessness:

  • They’re sick four times more often than other children, with 4x the respiratory infections, and twice as many ear infections.
  • They experience significant educational disruption, which puts many of them behind academically.
  • By age 12, 83% have been exposed to at least one serious violent event.
  • They go hungry at twice the rate of other children, and have high rates of obesity due to poor nutrition.
  • They have twice the rate of emotional disturbances of other children.

RIGHT HERE AT HOME  –  Over 2,400 children in the Wake County School System are identified as homeless.  The Annual Campaign will raise funds to change this.  At any given time we are working with 120 families.

Government funding cuts make this year’s campaign even more important as we work toward our goal of moving one family into stable housing every 4.3 days this year (that’s 85 families).

We hope you’ll consider a contribution.  Together, we can generate powerful change.

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