Busy Making Smiles



As we move into the first part of 2016, and things begin to slow down from the holidays, we have some time to reflect back on what for us became the most wonderful time of the year.

Our 2015 Holiday Smiles Program was by far one of the most successful!  We matched 75 families with 25 sponsors, who tirelessly worked to buy and collect the wishes of over 250 people in our program.

Many of us can’t imagine what it would be like to tell our children that Santa missed our house this year. But this is a reality for many parents who are working hard to gain independence after experiencing homelessness.  Because of the outpouring support of our community, parents in our program didn’t have to tell their children there would be no Christmas.

This year, through the work of almost 300 volunteers who put in an estimated 375 hours, we collected hundreds of toys, books, clothes and household items. Many of the families requested just the basics (clothes, shoes, household needs), and it was really great to know that those genuine needs were fulfilled.

The PLM Families Together Staff is incredibly grateful for all the hard work and dedication that our sponsors gave our organization in 2015. Many of the stories we hear on a daily basis are hard and filled with struggle. The relief that people like our Holiday Smiles Sponsors provide to these families is life changing!  To learn more about the difference our Holiday Smiles Program has, click here and check out this story from WRAL.com.

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