Volunteer Love Top 10



People who volunteer for us are amazing! They give up their time to put their energies into helping us achieve our mission to end homelessness in Wake County. Just how much do we love our volunteers? Here are ten reasons PLMFT Volunteers are great!

1:  You have REAL value! 

Last fiscal year you gave over 2500 hours of service to us.  That’s about $57,675 in donated time and the equivalent of an addition full-time employee.

2:  You spring into action right when we need you. 

From helping with children’s summer activities to answering the phones and stuffing envelopes, we can depend on you!

3:  When we ask you deliver!

Over 12 months you collected over $24,000 worth of food and supplies. These items help families in our program make the ends meet.

4:  You give us your time outside the 9 to 5.

Weekends, evenings and holidays; you are there for us, ready to work.

5:  You share our story and help our voice be heard.

You enthusiastically bring attention to our work and the important issue of family homelessness.

6:  You take on the dirty jobs with a smile.

From helping us maintain our grounds to cleaning our Short-term Family Apartments, you make PLM Families Together a safe place to be.

7:  You help us raise money.

Individual contributions are critical to our mission. During our last annual campaign, volunteers helped us raise over $100,000 to help families find stable housing.

8:  You include us in your celebrations.

Birthday gifts, holiday parties, office community service activities . . . You remember us and collect on our behalf.

9:  YOU ask US . . .

“How can I help?”

10:  You lift up families in our community.

This year we aim to assist 90 families with children find permanent homes. That’s one family every 4 days! You help make our goals a reality.

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