About Us

PLM Families Together provides housing and comprehensive services for families experiencing homelessness in Wake County. We believe every family deserves a home and children should not have to wonder where they’re going to sleep at night. We also recognize that keeping families together is critical during what can be a traumatic time.

Whether a family spends 1-2 months in one of our Short-term housing apartments, or we assist with their move directly into their own home, our goal is for them to be in their own homes on the road to independence as soon as possible.  A settled family is in a much better position to address its other challenges so it can thrive.

We address homelessness as a community and work in collaboration with other service providers, our neighbors, the business community, our churches, and our government.


Moving Wake County families from homelessness to stable homes through mentoring, housing support and connecting to community resources.


No homeless families in Wake County


We value services that are – Empowering InclusiveResponsiveCompassionateFamily-drivenAdvocatingRespectfulInnovative – and show Integrity

Our History

image - OUR HISTORYPLM Families Together was founded in 1980 as “Pan Lutheran Ministries” by five people from three Wake County Lutheran churches who saw a need in our community and did something about it.  Although we have grown and changed over the years, we remain true to our mission of helping families in crisis.  The dedication and compassion of our founders lives on in our work today.  To read a full history of PLMFT, click HERE.

Board of Directors

  • Dorothy Bell
  • Susanna Birdsong
  • Kathy Blum, President
  • Beth Chartrand
  • John Davis, Vice President
  • Helen Hauser
  • Greg Hawkins
  • Dennis Heffernan, Treasurer
  • Julie Helmey
  • Tim Hiteshew
  • Katie Kingsbery
  • Mark Mantey
  • John Niffenegger, Secretary
  • Scott Padalecki
  • Knowles Parker
  • MaryJane Selgrade
  • Ann Cooper Thomas
  • Sarah Wood