The Families Together Program

At Families Together (formerly PLM Families Together), we focus on stable housing first for families experiencing homelessness. This simple but powerful concept helps take away the trauma and distraction of being without a home. We help families find a permanent home first and then provide a year of support.

Our program includes

Both are designed to keep families together, help them break the cycle of homelessness, and return to living independently in the community.

Re-housing: First, a Place to Live

In this program, a family stays where it is (often another shelter), but has immediate access to a Mentor Advocate who guides and empowers them as they seek permanent housing. Financial assistance from Families Together is provided for initial rent costs and gradually decreases as families meet their goals. Even after a family moves into their own place, a Mentor Advocate continues to work with them for 12 months, helping them gain skills for budgeting and working with landlords, and coordinating assistance for needed services.

Short-term Housing:
Immediate Shelter + Intensive Support

Families that have no place to go and are living in places not meant for habitation, are served by Families Together by moving into one of our 6 Short-term Housing apartments for up to 30 days. Each family works one-on-one with a Mentor Advocate. Parents attend workshops on topics like budgeting, renting, and how to work with a landlord. Mentor Advocates also coordinate special services as needed (disability, educational assessment, school transportation, food, furniture, transportation, etc.). When a family leaves Short-term Housing and moves into its own place, care continues through the family’s Mentor Advocate, who provides continued support and guidance — plus landlord mediation — for an additional 12 months.